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    Turbulent Off-season Reaching its Conclusion

    The summer of 2020 has of course been very difficult to predict, and hard to navigate. What most thought couldn’t possibly affect the winter season has now run through until October and is now set to create an entirely new look for the season ahead. However, the team have been making the best of a bad situation and continue to train safely and effectively within the current guidelines. New athletes With the loss of Ryan Letts to Lamin Deen’s squad, and the need to learn 4-man, it was clear that some recruiting needed to be done, as well as developing the existing athletes as much as possible. Though the team…

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    Team Coping During COVID Lockdown

    The UK and many other nations across the world entering a “lockdown” or shelter in place order, which has thrown a lot of things into turmoil. However, as athletes the closing of gyms and training facilities has threatened the teams very livelihood. However, through the difficulties most of the Axe Racing athletes have been able to train and maintain their athletic abilities and, in some cases, improve on them! Axel and Adam Both athletes living in Loughborough have decided to form a “bubble” and have been training together in Axel’s home gym. Both athletes are otherwise isolated and are responsibly maintaining distance and cleaning equipment after use. Though is it…

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    Post season sliding concludes Ice time.

    Following the final race of the year in Igls, the team looked to gain much needed experience elsewhere. This came in the form of two training weeks, one in Konigssee in Germany, before returning to Igls to have a crazy week of 20 runs in just five days to round out the 2019/2020 season. Konigssee, Germany This week was made possible by the hospitality of the Navy Bobsleigh Team who were training at the track and invited Axel and his team to slide along with them. For this week Axel was joined by only one brakeman, Lewis Prentice. Lewis proved himself a huge asset to the team with an insatiable…

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    Axe Racing Ends Season 38th in the World

    With the completion of the final race of the team’s debut season in Innsbruck, Axe Racing now ranks 38th in the world for 2-man. Judged on the eight highest finishes the team makes, the IBSF rankings are published every year giving an overall list of how all athletes did for the season. 38th in the debut season was enough to make the Axe Racing team 2nd in Great Britain for the 2-man discipline. Igls Europe Cup The final race of the 2019/2020 season for Axe Racing was also the final Europe Cup race of the year. Pilot Axel Brown was joined by Ryan Letts, making his debut with this squad.…

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    First Half of the Season Completed

    The team is now home from the first half of the season and feeling very accomplished. Every major milestone of the first half has now been achieved, with only one speed bump along the way. Coming into the first six weeks of sliding everyone was aware of the potential for challenges ahead and all four members conducted themselves with professionalism, care, and enthusiasm, resulting in a great team dynamic and producing some fantastic results. Axel the pilot and the team as a whole had a ladder of goals to achieve before the Christmas break. They were; everyone arriving in lake placid safely, completing the first run, reaching the top of…

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    Christmas Giveaway

    You can win an Axe racing sponsorship bundle just in time for Christmas! This gift includes items from some of our main sponsors this year, and allows you to feel even more a part of the team by getting  kit drop of your very own! How to enter To enter the Axe Racing Christmas giveaway, all you have to do is follow one of the athletes on Instagram, and then like the giveaway picture, and tag a friend in the comments! You can enter multiple times by repeating this for all five members of the Axe Racing team for 2019. What is the Prize All of these prizes come from…

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    First Race a Success

    The team is now leaving Lake Placid having completed a very challenging 3 weeks. Adam sustaining a fractured leg half way through and needing surgery has of course changed the team’s plans dramatically, but the goal remains the same. Marcus has done an exemplary job in replacing Adam on the race sled. The three weeks in Lake Placid have brought temperatures below -20, hard ice conditions, as well as occasional clear skies and late night sprint sessions. So we have experienced a bit of everything in these last couple of weeks. However the entire team is confident that having seen so many changes in such a short period of time,…

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    2019/2020 Season underway

    The start of the 2019 season has officially begun! The Axe Racing team launched the season from Heathrow, flying over to Montreal airport to then drive into the USA to Lake Placid. The team will be spending the next 19 days in Lake Placid, getting to grips with the track during the development camp, then ramping things up with the start of the North America’s Cup. These initial weeks will be full of a lot of other “firsts” for this team. Not only will it culminate in the first race for Axe Racing, but it will also be the first time that brakeman Marcus gets in a bobsleigh. As the…

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    Pulseroll Backing Great Britain Bobsleigh

    Pulseroll and Axe Racing, the newest team in Great Britain Bobsleigh, have teamed up in a very exciting new partnership. Pulseroll are a UK company who make vibrating foam rollers and other recovery products. As long-time users of the products, many of the athletes on the team already know the benefits that vibrating rollers can bring. So, this new partnership is a welcomed step-up for the team and their preparation. Pulseroll and Bobsleigh As part of the team, Pulseroll will be equipping all of the athletes with an array of products to help stay healthy, fit, and prepared while on season. Compared to a normal foam roller, the vibrations allow…

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    Axe Racing Teams up With OddBalls Charity

    It is with great pride that we can announce that this season the GB Bobsleigh Team of Axe Racing will be partnering with Oddballs. The Oddballs Foundation is a charity aimed at raising awareness of testicular cancer. The charity works to make men of all ages aware of the disease and giving them ways of learning how to check themselves. OddBalls Charity Testicular cancer is something which sufferers can feel incredibly self-conscious about, so raising awareness and getting people talking about it goes a long way to lifting that stigma and helping save lives. Over 99% of men diagnosed with testicular cancer live for at least a year, which is…