Great britain bobsleigh

Great Britain has a rich history of bobsleigh, and remains competitive over 130 years after its inception by four Englishmen and their swiss hotelier in 1884. Despite being one of the only competitive nations that doesn’t have an abundance of snow or mountains, the Great Britain bobsleigh team stands proud amongst a strong field of Winter Olympic host nations and winter sport power houses.

great britain bobsleigh 2-man

Much like the tracks themselves, the Great Britain bobsleigh team has been through its own twists and turns in the last 20 years. However, the program remains as dedicated and focused as ever on success and ultimately being the best in the world. Sentiments shared by the founders of the sport as they took to racing down the Cresta run against rival teams. This time however the speeds are faster, the athletes stronger, and the stakes much higher.

As ever, the focus for Great Britain Bobsleigh is on the upcoming Winter Olympic games in Beijing in 2022. The four-year Olympic cycle waits for no man, and this time is being used to reimagine what is possible in the sport, and reignite the passion and enjoyment for high speeds and competition that has existed in the bobsleigh since its origins.