First Race a Success

The team is now leaving Lake Placid having completed a very challenging 3 weeks. Adam sustaining a fractured leg half way through and needing surgery has of course changed the team’s plans dramatically, but the goal remains the same. Marcus has done an exemplary job in replacing Adam on the race sled. The three weeks in Lake Placid have brought temperatures below -20, hard ice conditions, as well as occasional clear skies and late night sprint sessions.
team sled photo
So we have experienced a bit of everything in these last couple of weeks. However the entire team is confident that having seen so many changes in such a short period of time, that we can take whatever the rest of the season holds!

First Race of the Season

Despite the setbacks, race day was still a success. The field of 24 sleds was incredibly competitive, full with Olympic and world cup medallists, so the goal coming in was to both not come last, and to get a second run (only the top 20). S0 we leave Lake Placid having achieved both of those goals, finishing in 18th in both races. Of course there is still substantial work to be done to improve but the entire team feels very accomplished and excited for what the future holds, both on and off the ice.
The next step for the team is to take 10 days to train, and recuperate ready for the continuation of the North American Cup in Park City, Utah. This will of course only be the team’s second ever track and that alone will bring with it a new set of challenges, learning a new track, and new team movements.
team photo