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    Pulseroll Backing Great Britain Bobsleigh

    Pulseroll and Axe Racing, the newest team in Great Britain Bobsleigh, have teamed up in a very exciting new partnership. Pulseroll are a UK company who make vibrating foam rollers and other recovery products. As long-time users of the products, many of the athletes on the team already know the benefits that vibrating rollers can bring. So, this new partnership is a welcomed step-up for the team and their preparation. Pulseroll and Bobsleigh As part of the team, Pulseroll will be equipping all of the athletes with an array of products to help stay healthy, fit, and prepared while on season. Compared to a normal foam roller, the vibrations allow…

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    Axe Racing Teams up With OddBalls Charity

    It is with great pride that we can announce that this season the GB Bobsleigh Team of Axe Racing will be partnering with Oddballs. The Oddballs Foundation is a charity aimed at raising awareness of testicular cancer. The charity works to make men of all ages aware of the disease and giving them ways of learning how to check themselves. OddBalls Charity Testicular cancer is something which sufferers can feel incredibly self-conscious about, so raising awareness and getting people talking about it goes a long way to lifting that stigma and helping save lives. Over 99% of men diagnosed with testicular cancer live for at least a year, which is…

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    Axe Racing Team Announced

    Axe Racing team for 2019/2020 The axe racing team is announced, the team is now primed to head onto the ice for international success The newest sled to be added to the roster of Great Britain Bobsleigh is that piloted by Axel Brown. With the introduction of this new team comes the announcement of the athletes that will also be competing alongside Axel to form a new and exciting team dynamic set to compete on the international stage. “Axe Racing” the name given to this new team that will travel with two push athletes, and a physio at all times, focusing primarily on the 2-man event. Having three brakemen for…