First Half of the Season Completed

The team is now home from the first half of the season and feeling very accomplished. Every major milestone of the first half has now been achieved, with only one speed bump along the way. Coming into the first six weeks of sliding everyone was aware of the potential for challenges ahead and all four members conducted themselves with professionalism, care, and enthusiasm, resulting in a great team dynamic and producing some fantastic results.

Park City bobsleigh Push

Axel the pilot and the team as a whole had a ladder of goals to achieve before the Christmas break. They were; everyone arriving in lake placid safely, completing the first run, reaching the top of the Lake Placid track, and then completing all four runs of the race competitively and safely. Upon reaching Park City these were to learn the new track, push a competitive start, and again complete all race runs safely and as fast as possible. Coming into Christmas, all of these have been achieved.

Park City

This was the second track for the entire team, Axel’s second track driving, and the second track ever competed at for Chris and Marcus. Before and after interviews with the team can be found on the team’s Patreon Page. With Adam unfortunately sustaining a leg injury in Lake Placid and having to remain in the UK, it came to Marcus to step up and be the no.1 brakeman for the team. He fulfilled that role with incredible enthusiasm, and in just his second ever race was able to push some very competitive times alongside Axel in their rented 2-man sled. Taking into account Marcus’ limited time to learn both how to push a bobsleigh, and to be effective behind the sled it bodes well for a very bright future of pushing for the rookie.

As one of two drivers in the field that had not driven Park City before, Axel had his work cut out for him to be competitive. Especially as there were only six practice runs available prior to the race! Nonetheless the team ended the second race in 9th place, and followed that up with two more 9th place finishes in the next two races.


Though it is still very early in Axel’s driving career, and in the progression of Axe Racing, it is fair to say that the first half of the rookie season has laid the groundwork for a promising career for all involved. So far, a rookie driver, brakeman, and physio have been able to be competitive on the international stage just weeks into starting. The future is bright for this young team, and long may the improvements continue!

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