2019/2020 Season underway

The start of the 2019 season has officially begun! The Axe Racing team launched the season from Heathrow, flying over to Montreal airport to then drive into the USA to Lake Placid. The team will be spending the next 19 days in Lake Placid, getting to grips with the track during the development camp, then ramping things up with the start of the North America’s Cup.

travel day cover

These initial weeks will be full of a lot of other “firsts” for this team. Not only will it culminate in the first race for Axe Racing, but it will also be the first time that brakeman Marcus gets in a bobsleigh. As the only male athlete in British Bobsleigh who has not yet ridden in a sled there will be a steep learning curve ahead, but Marcus is optimistic saying “All the necessary preparation has been done, and I have trust in the training I’ve been given by teammates and the BBSA”.

The next few weeks will be a challenging, tiring, but exciting period for the team as we look to build our team dynamic whilst learning how to compete and operate as a well-oiled unit. Every athlete on the squad is committed to the same goals and with that we are sure that success will follow. This first camp and race stands to be the start of great things for this team of athletes and everyone involved is incredibly excited for what the future holds.