The Axe Racing team for the 2019/2020 season is as follows. Each athlete brings not only elite level athleticism, but also a set of skills and/or personality traits which match the values of Axe Racing. A mixture of existing and new athletes to the sport of bobsleigh, this is a team built for lasting success over the next three seasons to the olympics, not just short term goals. Click on “read more” to see each athlete’s full profile. 

Axel brown bobsleigh

Axel Brown

Role: Pilot, and Team Leader

Axel was born and raised in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, but only found the sport of bobsleigh in 2014…

adam hames bobsleigh

Adam Hames

Role: Brakeman

Adam has made a splash in international bobsleigh in the last year. Though he has been in the sport since the age of 16…

ryan letts bobsleigh

Ryan Letts

Role: Brakeman and Nutritionist

Ryan lets joined the national bobsleigh program in 2016 and has since enjoyed a number of different successes. He competed in the …

marcus urbanski bobsleigh

Marcus Urbanski

Role: Brakeman and Trainer

Marcus is the newest member of Great Britain bobsleigh, and the only athlete to slide with the national team in the 2019/2020 season …

Chris Winrow

Role: Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy cover for the team will be provided by Chris Winrow. Chris is a Senior MSK physiotherapy working on …