Team Coping During COVID Lockdown

The UK and many other nations across the world entering a “lockdown” or shelter in place order, which has thrown a lot of things into turmoil. However, as athletes the closing of gyms and training facilities has threatened the teams very livelihood. However, through the difficulties most of the Axe Racing athletes have been able to train and maintain their athletic abilities and, in some cases, improve on them!

Axel and Adam

Both athletes living in Loughborough have decided to form a “bubble” and have been training together in Axel’s home gym. Both athletes are otherwise isolated and are responsibly maintaining distance and cleaning equipment after use. Though is it far from the circumstances both athletes wanted, both have said that the opportunity to train hard together for a long period of time isn’t usually available and is the silver lining on an otherwise dire situation. Adam has been recovering from an ankle injury he sustained in Lake Placid early in the season, meanwhile Axel, also dealing with a broken toe, is looking to improve overall conditioning and strength ahead of what could prove a pivotal season for the team. Both are making great improvements.


Sheltering in place at his home in Coventry, Marcus has had a very different experience. Without access to a gym, or gym equipment, Marcus has had to improvise like so many others trying to keep fit at home. He has an Axle (not to be confused with the pilot) which has two tyres on either end which he is using as his prime source of weight. He and his girlfriend are both personal trainers and are working together to keep each other accountable with their training.


Chris, the team’s physiotherapist is a key worker and as such has had to keep up with his work, and continue to see patients on a daily basis. Arguably tasked with the hardest job of the four team members from last season Chris is keeping a positive attitude and is grateful for the opportunity to work, and keep a routine, but possibly most grateful for being able to skip the queue at the supermarkets with his key worker card!

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