axe racing

Axe racing is the name for the bobsleigh team piloted and run by Axel Brown. All sleds in the British Bobsleigh team operate as individual entities representing Great Britain. Axe racing is the newest one of the three sleds to represent the country.

Axe Racing Goals

As with any team in the sport of bobsleigh, the main goal for Axe Racing is to reach the Olympics, but more than that we want to make an impact when there.

team axe racing

The team is built on the premise of being professional, methodical, and organised, while striving towards our athletic goals. By running this team both as a financially viable, and efficient company as well as an elite sporting unit we hope to change the landscape of elite bobsleigh and make it an increasingly reliable and investable prospect.

It is by maintaining and staying accountable to strong fundamental values that we hope to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the world, both on the ice as athletes, but in a professional sense as well. We believe that a strong team bond, and work ethic will bring in the results and performances that we want for the team as well as allowing each individual athlete to develop as a person and better themselves on and off the ice.

If you would like to work with Axe Racing as we strive towards the Beijing 2022 winter Olympics, please get in touch via our sponsorship section, where we can offer a sponsorship package with tangible rewards and a positive return on investment, as well as experience packages.

Meet the team

Axel brown bobsleigh
Axel Brown
ryan letts bobsleigh
Ryan Letts
marcus urbanski bobsleigh
Marcus Urbanski
adam hames bobsleigh
Adam Hames
Chris Winrow