Axe Racing Teams up With OddBalls Charity

It is with great pride that we can announce that this season the GB Bobsleigh Team of Axe Racing will be partnering with Oddballs. The Oddballs Foundation is a charity aimed at raising awareness of testicular cancer. The charity works to make men of all ages aware of the disease and giving them ways of learning how to check themselves.

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OddBalls Charity

Testicular cancer is something which sufferers can feel incredibly self-conscious about, so raising awareness and getting people talking about it goes a long way to lifting that stigma and helping save lives. Over 99% of men diagnosed with testicular cancer live for at least a year, which is exceptionally good when compared to other forms of cancer. This means that regular self-checks, and early diagnosis are key for men of all ages.

As elite athletes on the world stage we hope to be able to do our part to help raise awareness and lift the stigma of this disease. All of our athletes will wear Oddballs underwear throughout the season, and perhaps even in competition! We will also have their logo on our sled and be making some really cool content along the way.

We also have a line of products available in early December which will directly help raise money for the charity, so stay tuned!

If you would like to purchase Oddballs products, or to learn more about the foundation, please go to their website, and look out for the new British Bobsleigh range which will be announced and revealed later in the year.