Axe Racing Team Announced

The newest sled to be added to the roster of Great Britain Bobsleigh is that piloted by Axel Brown. With the introduction of this new team comes the announcement of the athletes that will also be competing alongside Axel to form a new and exciting team dynamic set to compete on the international stage.

Axe Racing” the name given to this new team that will travel with two push athletes, and a physio at all times, focusing primarily on the 2-man event. Having three brakemen for just a 2-man crew will ensure that all athletes are able to recover and prepare adequately. Add to this an on-team physio and we hope to be one of the freshest and most prepared teams on the circuit.

The Axe Racing Athletes

The team will consist of Adam Hames, Marcus Urbanski, and Chris Winrow to compete on the North American Cup, with Urbanski being replaced by Ryan Letts for the second half of the season. Hames and Letts have already proven themselves on the world stage and have competed alongside Axel in the World Cup, and Letts has even raced in a World Championships.


Marcus Urbanski is new to the team as a push athlete, but has shown considerable promise during push training in Bath, and will be looking to learn how to be as effective on ice. Chris Winrow is a professional physio, as well as American Football National Champion in the UK. He has ridden with Axel in the pilot’s first two weeks of driving in Lake Placid. So, although he is primarily the team physio, he is willing and able to jump in the sled if needed.

All together this is a very strong team for a rookie season and one that looks to develop as a unit and thrive on our new team dynamic to lay strong foundations for future success leading into the Beijing 2022 Olympic games. Though Beijing is both figuratively and physically a long way away at the moment, this will be an incredibly formative season, and one that we hope will be as productive as it is enjoyable.


axe racing athletes

Fellow GB Pilot Lamin Deen has also been integral in helping the new pilot learn the ropes. As a brakeman for Team Deen, Axel was able to see first hand how one of the best drivers in the world operates and prepares. This off season Lamin has also been instrumental in the process of forming this entirely new bobsleigh team. Axe racing and Team Deen will be working closely in the coming years to ensure mutual success and to rise to the top of world bobsleigh.

The 2019/2020 season will consist of completing the entirety of the North American Cup, before then returning to Europe in early 2020 to race on the Europe Cup, and rounding out the season with extra sliding where possible.

Please stay tuned as the final preparations of the off-season take place and the entire team braces itself for a fast paced and exciting season!

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