Pulseroll Backing Great Britain Bobsleigh

Pulseroll and Axe Racing, the newest team in Great Britain Bobsleigh, have teamed up in a very exciting new partnership. Pulseroll are a UK company who make vibrating foam rollers and other recovery products. As long-time users of the products, many of the athletes on the team already know the benefits that vibrating rollers can bring. So, this new partnership is a welcomed step-up for the team and their preparation.

Axel Brown pulseroll

Pulseroll and Bobsleigh

As part of the team, Pulseroll will be equipping all of the athletes with an array of products to help stay healthy, fit, and prepared while on season. Compared to a normal foam roller, the vibrations allow the user to massage a large or small area without the need to actually roll. This allows for greater efficiency of recovery, but it also means that smaller and more stubborn issues can be addressed with ease.

Pulseroll have an array of different products from the Foam Roller Pro, a full-size roller with 5 speeds, and a remote control, all the way to a single ball which can address the really hard to reach places.

Axe racing is excited to be working with a local UK company that is dedicated to allowing athletes of all shapes sizes and abilities recover more efficiently, and smarter. By working alongside a company that shares our values we hope to build a lasting professional relationship, as with all our sponsors, that will help us to compete in an Olympic Games.

axe racing pulseroll

Making the small changes and improvements to training is absolutely key. But in using the Pulseroll it is clear that this (somewhat) new technology is going to make our lives as athletes a lot easier and a lot more efficient. If you would like to purchase your own Pulseroll vibrating foam roller (and we recommend that you do, they’re incredible!) then head over to their website! Where you can use the code “Axel10” for £10 off your order!